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Pair of Candlesticks

Welcome to the Margaret Law Collection online exhibition - part of the collections here at Stratford Hall! This online exhibition will highlight some of the collection's fascinating objects and show how they reveal more about eighteenth and nineteenth century domestic life. 

Recently Added Items

Unknown, (Birmingham, England), Chatelaine


Unknown, (Birmingham, England), Chatelaine, Stratford Hall, 1800-20 (?)

The front of this chatelaine is engraved with a floral design of leaves cascading out of a plant pot, which is monogrammed with the initials "M. C.…

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Edward Wood (London, England), Pair of Salt Cellars

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Edward Wood (London, England), Pair of Salt Cellars, Stratford Hall, 1746-7

This pair of salt cellars have three hoof feet and the insides are gilded. This may seem very elaborate, but actually protected the silver from the…

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Elizabeth Eaton (London, England), Pair of Salt Spoons

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Elizabeth Eaton (London, England), Pair of Salt Spoons, Stratford Hall, 1845-6

These salt spoons are Victorian, with an oval-shaped bowl and a handle monogrammed with the initials "W. M. A." What is really interesting about them…

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